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There are not many people in the health and wellbeing industry who are as passionate, and as well read, as Fab.

Hazel Wallace - the Food Medic

I knew from the first moment I met Fab that she was a walker of her talk. She lives to help others and if you want to see an example of a woman who has brought her vision to life, look no further!

Lucy Sheridan - Comparison Coach

Hi team, my name is Fab. Yes, like the ice-cream. I know, what an ice-breaker.

Fab is a business mentor, published author, influencer-specialist, best known as the founder of the Health Bloggers Community. Serial start-up founder and professional troublemaker, she is obsessed with avocados and helping people making an impact in health and wellness. Sounds like you? Learn how you can get a bit more Fab in your life.

HBC Membership is a monthly/yearly subscription to support bloggers providing challenges, masterclasses, Q&As and exclusive resources to grow their content, marketing and website/blog, as well as a mastermind for bloggers to grow.

Whole Influence is an agency providing services for health & wellness startups including content creation, marketing strategy and consulting and business mentoring solutions.

The ROHWI is the first and only independent register for the Health & Wellness Influencers worldwide, if provides training for influencers and regulations for the industry.

I’ve been mentoring health & wellness professionals and bloggers for over 5 years. If you have magnificent dreams, and big, sequin-style boss pants ready to be filled, this is the right place. The beauty of mentoring is that each person will benefit from it in their own way: streamlining workload, finding the best tools for a more efficient marketing strategy, creating and executing an efficient PR and media plan, creating your first product/service.

From small workshops to massive stages, speaking to the masses is one of my greatest callings. I love to create meaningful connections with the audience, and being able to touch them with my message is a humbling experience every time.

Featured in Social Bakers, Balance Magazine, Thrive Global, Buzzfeed and Next’ “entrepreneurs to watch”, I love to communicate my message through writing. So much so that I have collaborated in numerous papers, studies as well as writing my own books. Words are my favourite weapon of choice.

Make an Impact Book


In an age where 'influencer' is a legitimate job title, this book's mission is to define what this role encompasses.

If you’ve ever wondered what your role is in this new generation of influencers, or how it can and will impact the commerciality of what you do (for work or play), then you’re in the right place.

Arming yourself with the practical applications of, and strategies with which to acquire real and lasting influence, will create vast opportunities and unlock enormous possibility in your life. You’ll be taken by the hand and gently pulled in the direction of authentic power and intentional leadership — which is most certainly what the world needs more of right now.

Working with Fab has been incredibly useful for a number of reasons. She's helped me streamline some of my business offerings, and look at where to focus my energies instead of trying to do everything.

Ceri Jones

Among the many things I am really grateful for in my life, one is the privilege to have met and to be coached by Fab. She just gets people, she gets me and goes straight to the point. No messing around.

Lorena Loriato

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