Well, dear Reader, let me tell you something from the get-go.

I am so excited. No seriously, I cannot believe you are here. I wish I could grab your gorgeous face and give you a big, fat kiss – on the cheek of course (come on, we just met). This is set to be a stellar ride. I can feel it. You know that feeling of butterflies in the stomach?

That’s exactly how I feel every time you open this book to read this introduction. Crazy how the fourth wall works, uh?

I am so humbled to have you here with me, and this is why I want to make a promise to you.

I promise you to be 100% honest and transparent with you. Just like we were old time buddies. Somehow though, we already are buddies.

I promise you to be 100% honest and transparent with you. Just like we were old time buddies. Somehow though, we already are buddies.

Our paths crossed because both of us know that the key to a happier, more fulfilled life is to be committed to leaving a positive mark on this Earth.

I still remember the time I watched that masterpiece that is Into the Wild (bawling my eyes out for probably a good half of it). I remember the quote “happiness is real, only when it’s shared”. That is it, right there. How can you be happier if the only person you are trying to have an impact on is yourself?

What I did in this book is simple: I started doing what I do best. I asked questions. I investigated. I extrapolated – and got lost in studies and research. This all happened because I asked myself a very simple question – and let’s be honest, that’s exactly how all the best adventures begin.


About the Book

Influence is much more than social currency. Whether is educating, inspiring, demystifying, true influencers aim at making a positive change.

As founder of a community of over three thousand influencers and content creators, Fab’s mission has always been to share the stories of remarkable people and inspire the thousands of people among our audience to encourage a positive change.
This book reflects what she learned from influential people who are spreading an incredible message of health (mental, physical, and all the above).
The book is a collection of stories from some of the top influencers out there and a research done on over 1,500 people on habits, rituals and what they have learned along the way.
“There are not many people in the health and wellbeing industry who are as passionate, and as well read, as Fab. I’m lucky to know her on a professional and personal basis, and she really helped me to grow my brand in the initial phases”

Hazel Wallace

the Food Medic
“I knew from the first moment I met Fab that she was a walker of her talk. She lives to help others and if you want to see an example of a woman who has brought her vision to life, look no further!”

Lucy Sheridan

The Comparison Coach
Fab Aloe

About the author

Since founding the Health Bloggers Community she touched over 20,000 people (both online and offline) providing practical insights, inspiration, motivation and top-notch tools to save time, money, and truly make an impact in the health and wellness industry. She is also head of strategy at Whole Influence, a content and marketing agency for health and wellness brands.