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Hey you legend, so nice to have you here!

My name is Fab

welcome to my humble home 🎊

I’m Fab Giovanetti

Social Media and

Marketing Consultant

For the last ten years, I supported startups and entrepreneurs alike with starting, growing and marketing their own brand.

Over 6 years ago, I founded the Health Bloggers Community, which became one of the key players in the wellness industry. Now rebranded as Creative Impact, it’s the leading community of conscious creatives globally.

working with me

Marketing and content with a pinch of sass

I help my clients succeed by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and marketing strategy that helps them grow a sustainable and impactful brand 🚀






It’s time to bring it all together. Nothing is more rewarding than working with clients looking to make a positive impact on others and the planet 🌍

Email Marketing
Social Media Auditing
Social Media Strategy
Marketing Campaigns
Social Media Consulting
Content Calendar Coordination

Digital Product Launches
Sales and Marketing Funnels
Business Development Strategy
Time Management Optimisation
Lead Generation Strategies
Business System Optimisation

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Content optimisation


Social Media

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Are you looking for support making a bigger impact online with your content and marketing?

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Fab’s debut book

Make an Impact Book

This book looks beyond the definition of influence that has been prescribed by social media, considering the inherent desire of us all to have an impact, leaving a lasting legacy, and learning from those that we admire – to influence and be influenced

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“What a read. This book ‘Dear Reader’ a phrase Feb uses regularly will transform the way you think and the way you do business. Fab is the real deal in terms of health and wellness, not only does she walk the walk and talk the talk but she’s been involved in the burgeoning wellness sector for many years and coaches influencers so her advice is coming from a place of authenticity.”

Amazon Review

“This book is a breath of fresh air. Fab has a warm, welcoming tone to her writing which made me want to hug her every time I felt an affinity to her stories. There is great advice and it has helped me realise which direction I need to take next with my business. There is a lot of research involved in the book and it shows Fab to have an eye for detail and that she cares that her reader is well informed from reliable sources.”

Amazon Review
Case studies

Help people make an impact online

Saving 30 hours each month

By revamping her marketing systems and business structure, I helped a client save over 30 hours each month.

Launching a passive income stream

I worked with a client to bring her expertise from her 1:1 clinic environment and translate it into her first online course

Creating marketing that works in your sleep

I worked with startups and corporate companies alike to refine, create and implement marketing funnels that work in the 24/7 online world.

Launching a new business without a team

I supported multiple wellness startups successfully launch their business with zero team – unless you count me, their top cheerleader

“Fab came to us to assist during our first book launch, and proved herself to be an incredibly valuable asset. Not only did she manage our social media streams for us, increasing engagement massively, but also absolutely nailed the tone we were going for. She could always be relied upon to come up with innovative new ideas and took the time to explain the workings of IG, Later and other services to us in a patient, friendly manner. On a more personal note, Fab was always an absolute pleasure to deal with – friendly, knowledgeable and above all else, hilarious. We hope we can work with her again soon!“

Author, Two Chubby Chubs

“Fab is the absolute EXPERT when it comes to digital marketing and product launches. Having worked with her for the last few months, she has helped me grow my business leaps bounds – she’s helped me get my systems in place, launch a podcast, work towards a product launch and provide a system to market and successfully get the product out there! I have learnt a HUGE amount and I cannot thank Fab enough for being so brilliant along the way. Thank you SO much Fab“

Speaking & Presence Coach

Past clients include…

Speaking and teaching

As well as being a marketing lecturer for JOLT for over 3 years, I have been speaking at a variety of events both online and offline, as well as leading workshops and seminars in collaboration with amazing brands. I love sharing my message with new audiences, and I am always looking for ways to help people make a bigger impact.

As seen in…

Features, interviews, speaking engagements

Are you looking for support making a bigger impact online with your content and marketing?

Work with me

What they said

I’m humbled to be working with such a great variety of clients that range from early stage startups to international companies.

About the collective

Creative Impact Co

We are a collective of creatives looking to make a bigger impact on other people and the planet. We help brands share their stories, grow their brands and monetise their content.

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