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Fab Giovanetti

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Speaking, teaching, collaborations and much more. Let me know what’s happening in that wonderful brain of yours.

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Alt Marketing Podcast

A podcast 🎙combining social media news, insights, weekly marketing guides to market with purpose and stay ahead of the curve 💡

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Medium articles

Read my latest articles on Medium including a selection of over 600 pieces on topics such as business case studies, in-depth guides and more ✍

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Alt Marketing School

An upcoming marketing qualification for consultants, freelancers, and professionals to help raise a new generation of marketers ⚡️

Coming 2021


Further resources

Group coaching

The Creative Impact Collective provides the focus, structure, and support to grow your brand online, with monthly sessions, it’s like having a business coach in your pocket 🌟

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Make an Impact Show

Join me as I go on a mission to capture delightfully fun and inspiring conversations with creatives making a positive impact on other people and the planet 🎙


Self-paced courses

Our courses have been created with the idea of supporting creatives, wellness professionals and founders get the knowledge and strategy they need to make a bigger impact online 🔥

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