A day in the life of a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur

In my short bio, I define myself as a marketing consultant, a published author, and two companies’ CEO. In a nutshell, I spill many plates, so yes, you could call me multi-hyphenate. A multi-hyphenate entrepreneur incorporates more than one skill set or interest. As such, no two days are the same – or at least it’s tough to find some consistency unless you work hard for it.

A big part of my book, Reclaim your Time Off, explored the importance of habits and rituals we can create for ourselves. So even if no two days are the same, I strive to create a pattern I can easily follow.

Pre-work routine

I start my days with a shot of ginger and turmeric and some water.

After that, coffee comes before anything else. Caffeine is the fast-track solution to me being able to work out soon after I wake up. I choose my workout on my app, and they usually last between 25 to 40 minutes. I go for strength or some high-intensity training to kickstart my energy levels and get the right frame of mind.

After that, I would usually go out before my shower to cool down and walk by the river. I typically listen to a meditation, either walking or sitting down, and it takes between 15 to 20 minutes. It’s the best way to combine meditation and get out in nature at the beginning of the day, especially in Summer as days are longer.

After that, I shower and have breakfast (a protein smoothie), ready to rumble.

9 to 11am

The first two hours of my working day can be very different depending on the day of the week. I usually have meetings with the Creative Impact team on Mondays and Tuesdays and catch up with my virtual assistant.

We discuss the schedule, allocate tasks or responsibilities, review targets together, and check in on great conversations. On days where I’m not working with the team (Wednesday to Friday), I spend the first two hours of my day writing, proofreading or editing.

Not having to be on call for the team, I make sure my clients know that I am not available late morning. It helps me focus on the writing without distractions, which will inevitably arise when communicating with your team on private messaging.

11am to 2pm

I usually tend to break from my writing or meetings during lunchtime. I dedicate one to two hours to go through any other tasks that I need to do. This ‘break’ also allows me to check my emails for the first time during the day to ensure that nothing is outstanding that I need to cover before lunch.

It’s a time where my energy dips slightly, and I can tick off less essential things. My lunch tends to be remarkably simple (something most people are surprised about, knowing my love for food). Making food can take a lot of time, even if I’m working from home. I tend to have something quick and easy, such as soup in winter, a salad or even another smoothie.

My lunch break is less about the food and more of a chance for me to spend 20 minutes to half an hour going out for my second walk or the day. Sometimes I listen to a podcast or something educational, but I will put on some music and dance by myself in nature most days. I am stepping away from the idea that every moment of our time has to serve a purpose or be functional and embrace play more these days.

2pm to 6pm

The afternoon is the time I am running workshops for clients and alt Marketing School, or podcasts interviews, consultations and anything else in between.

This starts from 2 pm, all the way until 5 to 6 pm. My schedule gets quite flexible and adjusts to the number of meetings I have planned. I always allow for buffer time to review notes and recharge. If I can, I go out for a walk in between calls on jam-packed days, even if it’s just 10 minutes to reset myself. It is unlikely for me to do any focused work at this time, as I know my peak of energy is in the early morning. Usually, I will check my email once more to make sure that there’s no outstanding conversation.

If it’s late during the day, I will schedule any response to go out the following morning – I set expectations and boundaries with email communication.

6pm to 7.30pm

If I don’t have any evening workshops on a good day, I will finish work around 6 to 6.30 pm.

I’m trying to do more to incorporate a 10-minute “energy shot” workout. I love getting back into my body, especially after a long day of sitting down or standing up in the same spot looking at a screen. My husband or I will make dinner for us, and we tend to use meal delivery boxes during the weekdays to stop us from overthinking. After that, we tend to either relax by just chatting about the day, watching something on TV, watching a movie, and just getting in bed and read.

Being a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur is hard to explain in one sentence, and it is equally as hard to explain what a day in my life looks like. No two days are the same, but finding small rituals and routines helps me creating consistency on a day-to-day basis.

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