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Do you want to be a fitness influencer when you grow up?

Original article on HERMOVE magazine

Do you remember the question you always get asked when you’re growing up: “what do you want to be when you grow old?”

I would lie if I said that I always had the same answer: first I want it to be an astronaut, then somehow I wanted to be a hairdresser, however, since I was 10, all I wanted to be was a writer.

Beware though, I didn’t want to be a writer because of the stories. I wanted to be a writer because of the words. Words are powerful, and words encapsulates ideas and beliefs. This is why, up to this day, I tell people to look out for words: the tricky ones, the ones that get us in trouble.

Once upon a time, writers had to be careful about the words they put in their stories. They were the trendsetters, the troublemakers, the ones persuading our next decisions.

Nowadays there is a whole new generation, arguably a new job title, that is all about stories, pictures, selfies and emojis, and obviously, words.

The influencers, just like it says in the name, have the power to shape how we think and make decisions about our day. In my book, Make an Impact, I define an influencer as “a social influencer”, someone with who will influence our decisions and has an impact by sharing their opinions in the online world. For sake of ease, I’ll call “social influencers” simply influencers.

Whether we decide to go out for that 5am morning run, or cook a delicious meal from scratch, peer motivation and pressure to have a place in why we do what we do.

Just like the power of words, the power of persuasion is one that we should value very deeply. Especially for some categories of influencers, because this conversation about words, about persuasion, about impact goes beyond a festival in the Bahamas, if you know my drift.

This “niche” of influencers is the one that I studied for my book, and is the category that deeply affects our health and our overall wellbeing.

Those are the influences part of one of the biggest and fastest growing industries ever. Have you guessed yet, dear reader?


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