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Establishing yourself as an industry leader using PR, Media, and Events

Originally published on Media Republic and Entrepreneurial Magazine

Not too long ago, during one of my client sessions, my client came to me and asked me “why are PRs so expensive?” I won’t lie, at first the question startled me.

“Well” I replied “Because they have the influence over the right contacts to widen your reach”. In fairness, I think I hit the nail on the head. The price tag of a PR is very heavily influenced by the contact they have. The reason why PR, media and events are considered the Holy Grails of exposure is because of the story telling aspect.

Truth is, storytelling works. The book “Make an Impact” clearly outlines how stories are one of the best currencies people can bank on. It also outlines that in order to be a leader you need authority, and authority comes from expertise and trustworthiness.

My question is: how can you use PR, media and events to establish yourself as an industry leader, without having to pay a penny?

Because, yes, that is possible. You read it right. Let’s find the answer for each and every one of them.


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