Power hours

Power hours

Sometimes all you need is a quick pick-me up and the tough love of a straight-talking Italian to help you find the right path.

If you need clarity, and you needed it, well, yesterday, then you are in the right place!

Choose from a business, marketing or digital product power hour - I’ll bring the confetti cannon.



★★★★★ 4.9

A valuable take on Pinterest

Fab provided invaluable insights through our consulting call and the prep she did before the call. It was a very valuable take on Pinterest and its offering to advertisers. The transcript and recording were very useful too. Fab have clearly got a very good connection with social media sites and how they can work for a variety of brands.

Chris P.

Brand consultant

Looking for a quick fix?

Choose your adventure

Fill your questionnaire

To tailor your experience, answer a short questionnaire prior to our first session, so we can get down to business straight away.

Get your plan of action

Follow the roadmap

Go through you a checklist of content I may need to prepare at my best to start working together (e.g. draft strategies, campaign plans, press releases, sales pages or ad copy). I’ll prepare a personalised roadmap for you.

Make magic, expect confetti

Yes, you read it right

Here’s some of what you can expect from your sessions.

  • A written report after the session with an outline of core action steps
  • Recommended resources and further complementary content to support you going forward

Optional: a confetti cannon ball will blast repeatedly in the air

One of my biggest cheerleaders💥

The person I am grateful to the most is Fab Giovanetti, HANDS DOWN! She’s one of the reasons why I started creating again. She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders throughout my journey. Her energy and passion for this business is unmatched. Thank you Fab. From the bottom of my heart.

Ashleigh M. Brand lead and marketer

Disarming energy ⚡

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Fab, she is FAB by name and nature! Her disarming energy and killer industry knowledge and experience are a killer combination which I fully vibed with.  Her concise yet never rushed delivery is something to be desired!

Becca S. Career and life coach


Marketing strategy power hour

Set achievable, tangible goals to create marketing practices and systems that drive results. Get clarity and craft a winning strategy. No more guesswork.

Business strategy power hour

If you feel stuck, overworked, or want to enhance your business efforts this is the perfect option for you as it will look at your strategy holistically step-by-step.

Digital product power hour

Create better products and programs to grow your business at scale. After creating over 100+ digital products for myself and my clients in the past 8 years.


Reclaim Your Time Off

Are you looking to work smarter, not harder? Learn my three-step method in my award-winning book to stop over-working and start living your life on your own term and reach a work-life balance.

  • Map your definition of success
  • Audit your current systems and work efforts
  • Feel accomplished every single day
  • Simplify and automate your work life


★★★★★ 4.9

I am grateful for Fab

Among the many things I am really grateful for in my life, one is the privilege to have met and to be coached by Fab. She just gets people, she gets me and goes straight to the point. No messing around. She is sharp, fun, professional. And incredibly generous. I am trying to pick Fab’s quality I like the most but I just can’t choose. She found me in a moment when I would just shy away from the world and helped me get back out there. And we only just started. Fab is gold.

Lorena L.

chef and entrepreneur

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