New FILLABLE Template

Project management tracker

The template I use to track projects, goals, objectives, tasks for marketing and business projects - includes instructional how-to.

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    Fab is the absolute EXPERT when it comes to digital marketing and product launches. Having worked with her for the last few months, she has helped me grow my business leaps bounds - she’s helped me get my systems in place, launch a podcast, work towards a product launch and provide a system to market and successfully get the product out there! I have learnt a HUGE amount and I cannot thank Fab enough for being so brilliant along the way.

    Amy Leighton

    Speaking coach

    why a project template?

    I do believe that a system based on projects and progression should be at the core of our productivity ladder, and that clearly understanding the semantics - oh my dear old friend - and the meaning behind some terms linked to projects and tasks can increase your productivity tenfolds.