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Why you should learn something new every day

Originally published in the Pool UK

I love to read about how high achievers organise their lives. It makes me feel like if I could only do that one thing, I’d be halfway there. Although I have rarely copied them, I love to find out that the super successful, for example, do a HIIT workout at 5.30am, or add coconut oil to their coffee, or organise their meetings in 10-minute slots. Most of them seem get up at 4am and do a full day’s work before I’ve even rolled over in bed.

But, finally, there’s one success strategy I think I can get on board with, mainly because it actually sounds interesting (unlike coconut oil in coffee. Ugh). And that thing is to consciously learn something every day.

This insight came from a survey done by Fab Giovanetti, founder of the Health Bloggers Community, for her new book Make An Impact: The Six Habits of Highly Influential People. She surveyed 500 successful people – defined as running a business or project (often more than one), having written a book or two and/or having a substantial social audience. The survey compared their habits with 1,000 people who, comparatively, hadn’t made it so big.

One of the standout differences between the two groups was that the successful were much more likely to agree with the statement: “I’m sort of obsessed with a specific topic right now, and that obsession helps me succeed.” This passion for learning everything about a particular topic makes sense, when you think about what it requires to stand out. Also, 90% of the highly influential agreed with: “I invest money and time learning from people I admire,” versus only half of those who were less successful. “One of the things I found,” says Giovanetti, “was that the smaller influencers tended to struggle with being regimented in the way they structured their learning.” But if you can make learning into a habit, you’ll find the benefits build and build. Here are some ways to make sure you keep on learning…


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