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Hi team, my name is Fab. Yes, like the ice-cream. I know, what an ice-breaker.

I’ve been mentoring and consulting for health & wellness professionals and bloggers for over 5 years. If you have magnificent dreams, and big, sequin-style boss pants ready to be filled, this is the right place.

“Working with Fab has been incredibly useful for a number of reasons. She’s helped me streamline some of my business offerings, and look at where to focus my energies instead of trying to do everything. Simplify! We’ve also looked at marketing and promo in some detail and it’s given me the confidence and clarity to know where to begin, with what always felt overwhelmingly complex. Thanks, Fab!’”

Ceri from Natural Kitchen Adventures


“Among the many things I am really grateful for in my life, one is the privilege to have met and to be coached by Fab. She just gets people, she gets me and goes straight to the point. No messing around. She is sharp, fun, professional. And incredibly generous. I am trying to pick Fab’s quality I like the most but I just can’t choose. She found me in a moment when I would just shy away from the world and helped me get back out there. And we only just started. Fab is gold.”

Lorena from Sugarlibre

Mentoring, Teaching & Speaking

Consulting and Mentoring

Saving time in your business

Your marketing and content attached to it are the value you are putting out there for other people - making sure you can produce the best content for yourself in the most efficient way saves you time, and is one of your secret weapons to get more customers

Consistently grow your audience

In order to make more sales and grow your influence, you need to constantly work on growing your audience. We'll talk about the best solutions for you to get yourself out there as an expert and the main face of your brand

Monetise your influence

Influencer marketing is one of my favourite topics. I love talking about it, writing about it and geeking out about the latest in the industry. I believe relationships between influencers and brands are something we are yet to explore fully.

Based on my work with entrepreneurs and business owners, and our my day-to-day experiences running the biggest communities out there, I have supported, guided, supervised, and upgraded a LOT of personal brands through the power of stellar content.

The secret is to combine strategy and consulting for real, proven results 

I want to make sure your content is a hit and want to help you find what, quite literally, makes you tick. By using my years of experience, I have helped thousands of people make an impact and grow their influence 🥑

I am here to refine your marketing strategy in order to increase sales, grow your audience – but ultimately save you time in the process. I am a strong believer that reclaiming time in your marketing efforts allows you to truly focus on the areas of your business that need the most TLC.

Join me for a life-changing experience that can truly shape the way you’ll go out in the world

You’ll come away from our program knowing your brand inside out, how to make it stand out against the competition and continually evolve with the times whilst staying true to your own values and style.

“Working with Fab was super helpful. She explained quite a few things that I personally would never have noticed or even known about. We talked about IGTV, something that I was a completely different medium than what it was and can now actually use it properly. Also, about the arrangements of my actual content and feed. It was a great eye-opener!”

Marianna from Day Trading for Beginners


“Started working with Fab recently. It’s been great so far. Fab is responsive, helpful and took time to understand the product and market. Very pleased with the marketing strategy going forward. Would recommend her!”

Prab from Chirrup Foods


“Fab listened to me. She was positive in that she constantly reminded me that I’m on the right track. The feedback was all toned in a nice manner yet straight forward”

Jessi from Jessi Fit Pilates

Teaching & Speaking

I have been speaking at a variety of events over the years, as well as leading workshops and seminars in collaboration with amazing brands. I love sharing my message with new audiences, and I am always looking for ways to help people make a bigger impact.

You can find some of my favourite topics below

Social Media Marketing

Media & Strategy

Wellness trends

Influencer Marketing

Enquire about my current availability and rates

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Working with Fab has been incredibly useful for a number of reasons. She's helped me streamline some of my business offerings, and look at where to focus my energies instead of trying to do everything.

Ceri Jones

I love the advice Fab gives throughout and it inspired me to take inspired action with my platforms and grow them even further while making a positive impact online.

Emma M.

I love Fab's witty style of writing, it makes it feel like you are having a personal mentoring session. All the advice is truly insightful for anyone who has a social media influence, no matter its size.

Amy L.