How I Use Zapier To Save Up To 10 Hours Per Month

Five of my favourite automation

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Happy birthday Alt Marketing School!

As it's birthday week at the school, I thought it'd be a GREAT excuse to:

  • have cake, not that you REALLY need a reason to

  • reflect on the biggest lessons I have learned over the past three years

How to manage my time was a huge learning curve.

I currently run the school completely on my own - if you do not count my husband helping with video, course and podcast editing.

I will not lie, it’s not easy, but when needs must, I have made it possible. Hands down, WITHOUT the systems and processes to mark each step I would have not been able to sustain the pace of a brand new startup.

Zapier became my best friend, and continues to be so, saving me about 10+ hours each week, which is why I wanted to share my five favourite automations with you.

Past issues include: 

⚡The Barry Hott Ugly Ads Edition which revealed the science of getting past people’s subconscious ad blockers.

⚡ The Sarah Levinger Psychology-Based Creative Edition showing how to properly use emotion and brain science in your advertising.

⚡The Alex Cooper A-to-Z of Ad Production Edition giving teams a relentlessly practical guide to ideation and iteration. 

Plus, we’ve covered things like how HexClad's Head of Growth Connor Rolain runs his creative strategy flywheel, how to properly back into a MER goal, contribution margin tutorials, and advanced ad analysis techniques. 

👩‍🏫 Lesson of the week

One of the biggest enemies of marketers is repetition and lack of streamlined systems. In fact, it’s what our certification students at Alt Marketing School deem the number one obstacle to being more efficient and seeing results in their day-to-day.

There are loads of automations that you can set up to make your day-to-day workload work for you. First, however, I wanted to give you an idea of some areas to look into and practical hacks that can work.

To do that, I decided to pick one of my favourite platforms to create automations: Zapier.

The platform allows you to set a trigger that will then lead you to a specific action, and with 2,000+ automations, or “zaps” as they’re called, the possibilities are almost endless.

Below are 5 of my favourite automations. Instead of a VA, Zapier saves me hour each week for less than £70 per month.

For each automation I recommend a handful of platforms. You can use an alternative to any of the below - as long as Zapier supports it, you can easily swap them.

Automatically push your latest content to a spreadsheet

I am a big lover of creating a simple backlog for my latest content. With Zapier, I do not have to worry about scouting for the latest pieces from Medium or WordPress. Instead, each piece lands into a spreadsheet for the team to sort manually.

I currently use one of our Notion templates to keep track of content backlogs, but you can easily use Google sheets if easier to set up.

Platforms to connect: RSS feed | Google Spreadsheets | Notion

Add a new lead to your newsletter through a form

I use Tally (similar to Typeform) to collect data, especially during our annual top marketers list.

Based on some conditions, people who enter our research survey will be added to our newsletter if they opt in via a specific field.

With this automation, we do not have to import and export manually, as everything happens seamlessly. You could do that for free quizzes, qualified leads, and more.

Platforms to connect: Typeform | Tally Form | Active Campaign | ConvertKit

Turn form responses into a document

Back to forms, another handy way to save you some note-taking hours when gathering data. A favourite of mine can work well for interviews, podcast show notes, and even new client questionnaires.

Take the answers from a form and turn them into one document that you can edit, comment on, or update accordingly.

Platforms to connect: Typeform | Google Docs | Notion

Send podcast reminders

Five or six things must happen across the podcast’s onboarding process whenever a guest is invited to speak on the podcast.

We automated as many of these activities as possible through Google Drive, Gmail, and templates. For Alt Marketing School, we automated various emails, including a reminder the day before the interview and a reminder to send their bios and headshot if they haven’t already.

Once the interview is completed, the guest is sent a thank you email.

Platforms to connect: Google Sheets | Google Drive | Dropbox | Gmail

Send leads follow-up emails

If you are not looking to splash out on a platform like ActiveCampaign, you can use Zaps to help you keep track of leads without outsourcing to a CRM.

For example, for Alt Marketing School’s student flow, we connect leads from our course provider into a Notion spreadsheet to keep track of communication. An additional step in the Zaps will allow us to set conditions that can automatically follow up if the lead has not booked a call.

Platforms to connect: Gmail | Notion | Typeform | SurveyMonkey

✍️ Teacher corner: your challenge

What is the one thing you can automate in your current workflow to reclaim you time? Can you identify one simple swap that can remove your manual input?

  • Break down the steps

  • Identify the platforms involved

  • Explore platforms like Zapier to make it happen

🏫 Class in session

As a special thank you for our birthday week, I wanted to share with you one of my favourite guest workshops for the school in 2023, which featured the wonderful Anna Burgess Yann.

To celebrate our birthday week, I can officially announce that the sixth cohort of Alt Marketing School is kicking off in April 🎂

We streamlined, we optimised, we made BIG changes - and now it's here.

Check the comments to join us or grab the curriculum or read all of our updates in the release notes (also we may have a few more surprises for this cohort which I CANNOT yet announce 🤫)

Always cheering you on,

Fab ✌️

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