Why You Should Have a “No-Call” Day

Lessons from two years of no-call Fridays

Did you know that one of the biggest problems with Zoom meetings is that looking at our face can be incredibly stressful?

On Zoom calls, we have so much focus that we need to put on (and we're not allowed to take breaks throughout the meeting) so we need to constantly be putting our attention directly on the screen, which can also affect our high sights and overall our brain.

As someone who is definitely no stranger to online meetings, that stuck with me, so much so that I made a big decision - over two year ago.

I took the plunge and sent all of my clients an email saying, “from now on, Fridays are out of office days”.

At first, I felt a bit sick about it - I always thought I had my boundaries set, yet it looks like I still had some work to do!

In light of that decision, I decided to keep my Fridays blank: no meetings, no calls, and no recurring tasks on my to-do.

I called this a “no-calls” day. It is incredibly effective when it comes to streamlining my schedule - and it may as well work for you too.

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