One Way to Simplify Your Note-Taking

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I have to come clean. Last month, I unsubscribed to 99% of the podcast I had in my list. Wait, before you roll your gorgeous eyes at me, let me explain. 

I LOVE listening to inspirational content - pretty much as much as I love writing it, to be quite frank. Yet, I found myself drowning in content overload - big time. 

Now, let me explain how my crazy brain works. 

This argument is not about the quality of any given podcast. I run a podcast myself, goddamit.

Yet, as a subscriber of over 20 podcasts, I felt like I was inundated with requests for attention. So I came back to the reason why I listen to educational content. 

Yes, I am eager to learn, but also I am eager to share that knowledge through my writing. Doing research for articles is hands down the easiest way for me to retain knowledge.

 Here’s how I do it.

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