My Secret to Consistency

How I batch content these days

Ever lost spark and drive around your content?

If you find yourself stuck in a content rut, and the idea of showing up is definitely not appealing to you, I have been there recently.

That's why I want to share how I personally used batching to bring consistency back in my content game - and yes the setup looks a lot like this.

If you are legit feeling on an hamster wheel that never stops —this could be the tweak your strategy needs!

👩‍🏫 Lesson of the week

Most of us have read/experienced/heard about batching before.

Yet, it can feel very prescriptive (my way of the high-way sort of thing).

I love to reframe batching by looking at as a way to create a better workflow so you can spend more time engaging with your audience and less time scrambling for content.

Here's how I've honed this process to suit my needs, and how you might adapt it too:

  1. Planning and Scripting: First, I block out a few dedicated hours to map out what I'll talk about. This could involve scripting or just jotting down key points, depending on how structured you want to be. The key is uninterrupted focus to lay down a solid foundation.

  2. Recording in Batches: Then, it's go time. I line up my video shoots back-to-back, changing outfits between takes to keep the content feeling fresh. It might sound intense, but knocking out several videos in one go means I'm set for content for weeks!

  3. Dedicated Editing Days: I designate separate days for editing to polish and perfect the content. Using tools like CapCut, I add transitions, B-roll, and other dynamic elements to enhance the videos. Spacing out recording and editing days gives my brain a break and ensures I come back with fresh eyes.

  4. Consistency is Key: I stick to the same days each week for these tasks—whether that’s creating content twice a month and editing twice, or some other rhythm. Find what works for your schedule and stick to it!

You can see examples of my videos on Instagram.

✍️ Teacher corner: your challenge

Eager to test the batching waters? Let’s make it practical and doable. Your challenge this week: Block out four hours to batch-create content in your favorite format.

Whether it's writing blog posts, shooting videos, or crafting social media updates, dedicate half a day to focus solely on content creation.

  1. Choose Your Format: Pick the medium you’re most comfortable with or that resonates best with your audience.

  2. Plan Your Topics: Before your batching day, list out the topics or titles you want to cover. This will save you from on-the-spot brainstorming and keep your session focused.

  3. Prepare Your Tools: Gather all necessary equipment or software you’ll need. This might be your camera setup for videos, a content calendar for blog posts, or graphic design tools for social media images.

  4. Schedule It: Mark it in your calendar as a non-negotiable appointment with yourself. Treat this time as you would any important meeting—it’s essential for scaling your content strategy.

  5. Reflect and Adjust: After your batching session, take a moment to reflect on what worked and what could be improved. Did the session help streamline your content creation? What would you change for next time?

🏫 Class in session

I honestly had the BEST time talking to Jen this month about LinkedIn, specifically tools like events, lives and newsletters. Catch up with us via the replay of the video above!

So, have you ever tried batching your content? Does this approach resonate with how you operate?

You might wonder if batching suits your style or the kind of content you create. My advice? Give it a try.

Experiment with the frequency and the steps until you find your groove.

Batching can honestly save your content creation process, making it more manageable and less of a last-minute hassle.

Always cheering you on,

Fab ✌️

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