Three Ways to Elevate your Webinar Strategy

Stealing Amy Porterfield's Launch Blueprint

Every month we run a co-working session for the AMS student community. 

During this month’s session, one of our students came on working on an email sequence for her latest low-ticket offering, which did not perform like she expected to.

As we were talking about some of her numbers (always love to talk about numbers), expectations and strategy, a recent podcast listen came up for me.

The one that included the one and only queen of online courses Amy Porterfield.

I have been a fan of Amy for a long time, and her episode for Jay Clouse’s Creator Science did NOT disappoint.

Amy's strategies on leveraging webinars for education struck a chord.

Wondering how to keep your audience engaged and build scaleable strategies?

Well, Amy has cracked the code, blending live sessions and evergreen content to keep your educational impact consistent and compelling.

If you are struggling to create effective launches for courses, this one is for you.

👩‍🏫 Lesson of the week

I have this thing. I love walking. Actually should say LOVE walking, to be more precise.

As I was on my short break in Italy, walking during a glorious sunny morning, Amy Porterfield’s insights with Jay Clouse graced my ears (you can add the episode in your queue here).

Amy shared some simple yet impactful strategies that I just couldn’t keep to myself.

Before we go one, a few words of caution. It’s easy to get bogged down in the bells and whistles of perfecting your webinars, but remember, the heart of your success lies in the simplicity of your message and the connection you build with your audience.

I circle back to a nugget of wisdom from Amy herself

“Keep it simple and get fancy later.”

Amy Porterfield

Optimal Webinar Strategy

Webinars are Amy’s gateway to building trust fast for course creators. Why is that?

  1. When running live events - or automated “live webinars” (yes, it’s a thing) people commit to showing up.

  2. The format mimics the feeling of online training.

  3. If can fill the gaps of knowledge needed before committing to take the next step.

Now, I know we said “start simple”, but in the podcast she recommends to aim for the sweet spot of 3-4 live webinars per launch.

Why? It’s enough to create a buzz without overwhelming your audience.

  • You can run the same webinar at different times to maximise attendance and accommodate various time zones.

  • Once the live launch hype calms down, introduce evergreen webinars. This bring a steady flow of engagement and learning, making your course perpetually accessible and relevant.

Talking about promotion, can you guess the optimal starting budget for course promo ads?

Put 80% of your advertising budget into webinars and experiment with ad formats. Start with a budget of at least 500 dollars to test the waters and find what resonates with your audience.

Amy Porterfield

Attendance Tracking & Segmentation

Live attendance can be a real struggle.

Amy suggests sweeten the deal with a live-only bonus, something special that’s available only to live webinar participants.

Examples include

  1. Live only Q&A session

  2. A downloadable resource - perfect if running events evergreen

  3. A sneak preview of your course content

It’s a powerful incentive that can boost live attendance and create a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

One of my favourite tips to keep a keen eye on who’s showing up and who’s not. Follow up with tailored offers, segmenting your communication to fit the needs of each group.

  • For attendees, highlight the next steps or advanced content (this also works incredibly well for the live only bonus)

  • For non-attendees, offer another chance to engage or a sneak peek into what they missed.

✍️ Teacher corner: your challenge

Your challenge is to identify the one thing you can do to give webinars a go in this coming quarter. Amy Porterfield advocates for the “Keep it simple and get fancy later” approach. So, let’s strip it back to the basics and choose one of these action steps:

  1. Commit to a webinar topic for your next launch: Take a moment to reflect on what complimentary topics you could follow or explore as part of your webinar strategy, that fill the gaps and validate your paid offering.

  2. Build an irresistible incentive: Think of a unique incentive you can offer people who join your events live, ideally that get them to stick around until the very end of the sesion.

  3. Start tracking attendance: Build a simple system to track attendance and build two emails that can follow up accordingly to engage people.

  4. Write it Down: Physically writing down the obstacle makes it tangible and manageable. Identify whether you need resources, accountability or a new perceptive to help you shift this obstacle.

🏫 Class in session

If you have not tuned in already, catch up with my chat with the one and only James from the Marketing Meetup. It’s a good one!

Hopefully, you have some fresh ideas to improve your webinar strategy.

Start with the basics, master them, and then, only if needed, sprinkle a little fancy on top.

This approach isn’t just about easing the process. It’s about building solid foundations that ensure your webinars are effective, engaging, and, most importantly, scaleable - one of my love languages.

Always cheering you on,

Fab ✌️

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